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Mini Masters Replacement Brush Set

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This Artvana brush set has been selected by Rikki to provide the perfect starting point for our younger painters.  This set will come included in your first mini masters box subscription.  It also serves as a replacement set should you ever need new brushes in the membership.

Set includes two brushes, 3/4 flat and #2 round.  With these two brushes a huge variety of techniques can be accomplished.

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What kind of projects will I get in each kit?

Our Paint Club kits are currently canvas based. You will get a new acrylic project each month and occasionally a mixed media surprise. We paint a huge range of subjects including floral, landscape, animals, still life and more

Can I pause or cancel my membership?

Yes! Pause your membership before the next renewal date to skip next months box. You can restart your membership or cancel your membership anytime.

Do I have to complete my project at a certain time?

Each months box is designed for you to create and get in your creative flow at your own pace. We do recommend completing your project before the last Wednesday of the month so you can join the live coaching session. You will have lifetime access to the recorded tutorial.